Steven A. Vescio
Principal Broker
Our staff prides themselves on their knowledge of the current market conditions as well as their continuing dedication to their clients. A perpertual pursuit of improvement is a cornerstone of our company philosophy.
Mr. Vescio is the founder of Eastern Oaks Realty, Development and Consulting as well as a Licensed Real Estate Broker in New York and Connecticut. After graduating Lehigh University in 2003 with a Bachelors in Finance, he became immediately immersed in real estate and started Eastern Oaks. Since then he has participated in several successful real estate ventures and has brokered several multi-million dollar deals. With a Civil Engineering and Construction background, he handles commerical and residential real estate, land development, renovations, property management and investment projects. Mr. Vescio is well trained in negotiating tactics, interpersonal relations as well as managing multiple projects at once. He is ambitious, professional and knowledgeable. His varied background and extensive real estate experience allow Mr. Vescio to offer a unique and invaluable perspective.

Betty Bruno
NYS Licensed
Real Estate Salesperson
Ms. Bruno joined the Eastern Oaks' team in June 2008 and has been a NYS Licensed Real Estate Salesperson since that time. Prior to her move to Eastern Oaks, Ms. Bruno was the co-owner of a successful commercial and residential roofing contracting company for more than 20 years. During this time, Ms. Bruno also worked for a heavy highway construction firm and was responsible for all of the firm's bookkeeping as well as the management of customer accounts.
Ms. Bruno's experience in business has provided her with an extensive background in accounting and management ability. She possesses strong interpersonal skills, a dedication to detail and an acute ability to multi-task. Ms. Bruno continues to expand her real estate knowledge by regular meetings and market discussion with company founder and Principal Broker Steven Vescio. This ever growing database of information allows her to improve her already substantial client services.