Eastern Oaks has an incredibly unique business model from which we conduct our home renovations. Essentially our system allows for all the benefits of being your own general contractor while eliminating the hassles involved with the process.
From your first meeting with an Eastern Oaks representative you will be educated as to the process, the possible options and the costs associated with each avenue. Eastern Oaks will help you to plan your project in a timely and budget conscious manner. Our representatives will price out the project with several contractors and general contractors and formulate the best possible plan. Once this plan has been established we will coordinate and schedule the different vendors to ensure a seamless and timely completion of your project. Any issues or concerns can be addressed directly with your assigned representative who will then in turn take the appropriate action. During the pricing process all quotes will be visible to you and any discounts received (which are many) are passed on in full to you as the client. As a fee for services rendered you will simply pay a previously determined percentage of the total project cost.
During the process all of the headaches associated with being your own general contractor are eliminated as you can address any issues with your Professional Consultant. The project will be completed at Contractor cost plus the minimal consulting fee, saving you not only angst but upwards of 20-30% when compared with hiring a general contractor direct. As an added benefit, we can handle ANY RENOVATION REQUEST!!